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Background Checks

  1. When does a Background Check expire?
    Answer: The Background Check expires after two years.

  2. Does SCTC view or house the background reports?
    Answer: No, the background reports are viewable to the Client by logging into their background vendor’s account.

  3. How long does it take for a background to complete?
    Answer: The average length of time for a background to complete is 1 to 3 business days.

  4. How can I check if a background is completed?
    Answer: Login to your SCTC Account (http://www.csctc.org/) and complete the following steps to view the status of background orders.
    • Click on the Background tab and then select Order Summary from the drop down list.
    • The status column provides real-time status on the background orders.
      • In Progress: Background is still processing.
      • Completed: Client is able to view the background report.
      • Error: Client should contact SCTC to verify information entered in the background order.


  1. How can I pull a report that detail when a background will expire?
    Answer: Login to your SCTC Account (http://www.csctc.org/) and complete the following process to generate a report that shows the expiration date of the backgrounds for your employees.
    • Click Activity History and select History by Name from the drop down list.
    • Change the From Date to three years ago, and then click the Click for selected dates button.
    • The report will provide Backgrounds and their expiration date. The backgrounds will be from the date placed in the From Date field to now.
      • Backgrounds are good for 2 years; therefore, any backgrounds order in 2010 expired in 2012 and backgrounds ordered in 2011 expire in 2013.

  2. Can the report be exported to a spreadsheet?
    Answer: When the report is generated, it can be highlighted with your mouse (or Ctrl + A to highlight all) and then copy/paste into a spreadsheet program like Excel.

  3. What is the Activity Code for the Traditional and Expanded Graded Backgrounds?
    Answer: The Traditional Graded Background Code is 07BCG/SSV. The Expanded Graded Background Code is 07EBCG/SSV

Facility Entry Requirements

  1. What are the requirements for the Marathon locations?
    Answer: You may find the details of the requirements for the different Marathon locations at the following website: http://www.marathonrefinerycontractor.com/

  2. How can I determine if an employee is ready to go into the Marathon facility?
    Answer: Login to your SCTC Account (http://www.csctc.org/) and use the SSV-BCG Status tool to verify if the employee meets the background requirement for the Marathon facility.
    • Click the SSV-BCG Status tab and select SSV-BCG Status from the drop down.
    • Enter the individual's Social Security Number in the Employee SSN field.
    • Select the Marathon facility that the individual will be entering and click Check Status.
    • The Graded Background Check and Social Security Number Verification requirements will be indicated as meeting or not meeting the Marathon facility’s criteria.

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