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Course Outline and Fee Schedule - INEOS Aromatics TCC

Course Code Course Name Seat Time Passing Level Synopsis Course Description Prerequisites Corporate Subscriber Fee Basic Subscriber Fee
07INAE24 INEOS Aromatics TCC EL-02 and EL-04 20 minutes 80% to pass

Overview of the following:
•EL-02 Working on or Near Exposed Energized Electrical Conductors or Circuit Parts
•EL-04 Electrical Personal Protective Equipment

Please click here for Requirements for Electrical Workers.


$30 $40
07INAOW INEOS Aromatics Office Worker Basic Safety 16 minutes 70% to pass The purpose of this orientation is to inform the contract employee of basic safety and health awareness training for the office. This orientation is designed to provide guidance in the elements of safe office work. The course reviews the following: Responsibilities, Work Practices, Slips, Trips, and Falls, Lifting, Office Equipment Safety, Noise, Electrical Safety, Lockout/Tagout Policy, Heat Generating Sources, Office Chemicals, Ergonomics, Emergencies, Vehicle Safety.

INEOS Aromatics TCC Site Specific

Basic Plus/Refresher is not required.

$15 $25
07INATCC INEOS Aromatics TCC Site Specific

120 minutes

80% to pass

Site Specific Training for INEOS Aromatics TCC.  Formerly BP TCC.

Basic Plus/Refresher $30 $55
07INAVAC INEOS Aromatics Vacuum and Pneumatic Trucks

15 minutes

80% to pass

Vacuum Truck requirements for entry into INEOS Aromatics TCC and onto the docks. Overview of: Safe Use of Vacuum & Pneumatic Trucks, Definitions, Responsibilities Originating-Area Operations Supervisor, Responsibilities On-Site Receiving-Area Supervisor, Responsibilities Vacuum/Pneumatic Truck Operator, Responsibilities Environmental Department, Hazard Recognition, General Requirements, Approved Materials, Permitting, Grounding and Bonding, Truck Location, Vehicle Operation, Personal Protective Equipment, PR-18 Safe use of Vacuum Trucks Attachments & Forms.

No $10 $15