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Course Outline and Fee Schedule - Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery


Course Code Course Name Seat Time Passing Level Synopsis Course Description Prerequisites Corporate Subscriber Fee Basic Subscriber Fee
07GBESWP Galveston Bay Refinery  Electrical Safe Work Practices 2 hour Instructor-led course 80% to pass

Detailed overview in Electrical Safety for both qualified and non-qualified workers specifically highlighting Galveston Bay Refinery facility requirements.

Please click here for Marathon GBR Requirements for Electrical Workers.

This course is only available at SCTC.

By Special Request - Minimum Needed To Hold Class

Email: krobison@csctc.org

Minimum Students Needed: 5

Maximum Students: 15

No $50 $60
07GBR-F Galveston Bay Refinery Site-Specific 222 minutes 80% to pass

The purpose of this orientation is to inform the contract employee of general safety rules, regulation, practices, and principles associated with the construction contract maintenance/services industry.

The GBR Site Specific contains four modules: GBR Life Critical Safety CBT, GBR Safety Practices & Policies CBT, GBR Security & Environmental CBT, GBR Face-to-Face CBT.

Trainees must complete all four modules within 30 days of registration.

Click below for Frequently Asked Questions:
 Safety Bulletin - New Site Specific Training FAQ

Basic Plus/Refresher
$70 $85
07GBRHF Galveston Bay Refinery HF Acid – Alky3 65 minutes 85% to pass The purpose of this orientation is to inform the contract employee of safety rules, regulations, practices, and principles associated with the Hydrofluoric Acid dangers in the Galveston Bay Refinery. The course review the following: Physical Properties of HF Acid, Associated Hazards, Leak Detection Techniques, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Safe Work Practices, Physiological Effects, Effects of Exposure & First Aid Treatment, Emergency Response Procedures, Leak Reporting Procedures. Basic Plus/Refresher $15 $25
07GBRMON Galveston Bay Refinery Building Monitor 6 minutes 100% to pass Galveston Bay Refinery is providing this training to all identified building monitors and identified alternates. The contents include training, responsibilities, and evacuation. No $15 $25
07GBROS Galveston Bay Refinery Office Safety 22 minutes 70% to pass

The purpose of this orientation is to inform the contract employee of basic safety and health awareness training for the office. This orientation is designed to provide guidance in the elements of safe office work. The course reviews the following: Responsibilities, Work Practices, Slips, Trips, and Falls, Lifting, Office Equipment Safety, Noise, Electrical Safety, Lockout/Tagout Policy, Heat Generating Sources, Office Chemicals, Ergonomics, Emergencies, Vehicle Safety.

After registering, you are required to email your Employee's Full Name and SCTC Badge Number to James Bergeron JDBergeron@marathonpetroleum.com to obtain approval for the GBR Office Safety course.

This course is only available at SCTC.

Galveston Bay Refinery Site Specific

Basic Plus/Basic Plus Refresher is not required.

$15 $25
07GBVACS Galveston Bay Refinery Vacuum Truck Safety 4 minutes 70% to pass Vacuum Truck requirements for entry into Galveston Bay Refinery and onto Galveston Bay Refinery Docks. No $10 $15