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Course Outline and Fee Schedule - INEOS Chocolate Bayou

Course Code Course Name Seat Time Passing Level Synopsis Course Description Prerequisites Corporate Member Fee Basic Member Fee
07IN-OW INEOS CBW Office Worker 35-minute course 70% to pass The purpose of this orientation is to inform the contract employee of basic safety and health awareness training for the office. This orientation is designed to provide guidance in the elements of safe office work. The course reviews the following: Responsibilities, Work Practices, Slips, Trips, and Falls, Lifting, Office Equipment Safety, Noise, Electrical Safety, Lockout/Tagout Policy, Heat Generating Sources, Office Chemicals, Ergonomics, Emergencies, Vehicle Safety.

INEOS Chocolate Bayou Site

Basic Plus/Refresher is not required.

$15 $25
07INCB-F INEOS Chocolate Bayou Site 1-hour 15-minute course 80% to pass The purpose of this orientation is to inform the contract employee of general safety rules, regulations, practices, and principles associated with the construction and contract maintenance/services industry. The course reviews the following: Job Representative, Access to Plan, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Emergencies, Barricades, Fall Protection, Showers & Eye Wash Stations, Portable Tools, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Use, Permits, Fire Extinguishers, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space Entry, Hazardous Communication, Process Equipment, Contractor Materials, Leaking Containers, Housekeeping, Benzene, Contractor Training, Waste Management, Accidents, Incident Reporting, H2S.

Basic Plus/Refresher and Natural Radioactive Materials (NORM) - 19NORM

$15 $35