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ARSC Reciprocity

ARSC works together to develop and revise current training programs that meet a significant portion of OSHA requirements,
as defined within the standards. This allows councils that perform site orientations, to work with industrial facility representatives, in reducing the amount of redundant information in their site orientations thereby increasing the effectiveness of the training while reducing the cost of development. This is the historical basis upon which, Basic Orientation Plus® and Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher® were initially created. The objective of ARSC is to continue this approach and produce new and effective additional reciprocal training programs.

The Basic Orientation Plus® program meets a significant portion of the OSHA mandated contractor requirements. This increases safety-training efficiency for the contract employee due to a reduction in redundant information being presented.

ARSC programs are not meant to relieve contract companies of all training responsibilities. There are elements of the standards that require the contractor to provide employer specific information regarding policy and procedures as well as some hands on training on specific equipment.

The ARSC programs focus on the needs of industry. The contractors, the facilities and the workers benefit from cost and time savings by the reduction of repetitive training while assuring the quality of the training from council to council.

The current Basic Orientation Plus® curriculum includes a revised ninety-three minute state-of-the-art video, a Power Point Presentation, an instructor's manual and validated bank of test questions and test design template. The total training time for the Basic Orientation Plus® Program is approximately four and one half hours, including the test. After completion of the classroom training a validated test containing fifty questions is administered and each student must be able to answer at least seventy percent of the questions correctly to be deemed a passing score. ARSC has also provided an ARSC Study Guide for the Basic Orientation Plus® Programs for the optional use.

The Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher® program is a refresher program that may be administered by an instructor or in computer based training (CBT) format on an annual basis. The Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher® program takes approximately two hours to complete in CBT format. Both of these programs are reviewed for revisions needed at least annually by the ARSC Curriculum Committee.

A core value ARSC provides to contractors and the facilities they serve is credibility. Comprehensive audits, of each safety council, regarding quality and consistency of training as well as assurance that the individual trained is the individual who is issued a card stating the training has occurred, is the chief tool used to attain and maintain credibility. The ARSC Audit Committee is comprised of trained volunteers from the various organizations. These volunteers adhere to a rigid formal audit protocol and a set of procedures provided by the association to audit each organization on a set rotation. The ARSC Audit Procedures Manual undergoes revision and the audit teams attend formal training in proper audit techniques at the beginning of each audit cycle. ARSC councils are currently audited on a two year cycle thus insuring the ARSC objectives are met throughout the participating organizations.

ARSC has a full time Administrator who manages the daily activities of the Association and serves as coordinator for much of the committee activities. The Administrator is available to help anyone who is interested in the ARSC activities or has a question or concern they would like addressed.

ARSC continues to grow and the Basic Orientation Plus® and Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher® programs are offered by ARSC Safety Councils in Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Wyoming and the United States Virgin Islands. There are over 40 locations delivering the ARSC reciprocal training at this time.



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