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Background Screening Program



Since the Program inception with the Safety Council, the SC Basic Package is the reciprocal background screening package that has become a standard in the industry. There have been several key enhancements throughout the lifecycle of this program. In 2003, a Social Security Number Verification process was deployed and in 2005 the Basic Package was upgraded to include the grading or adjudication of criminal background and Patriot Act search results. In 2012, the Expanded Graded Package was deployed and includes the National Criminal Database Search and Federal Criminal Record search results.

The current SC “graded” package and SSV process are recognized as industry standards for contractor security screening. The overall success of the program can be defined in the hundreds of thousands in this workforce that has been screened through this Screening model.

The grading process includes a numerical value associated with the eight levels, scaling up from “00” = clear record, “01” & “02” misdemeanours, “03” through “06” = felonies and “07” = Patriot Act Search hit. Once all county level jurisdictional searches are completed, a final package grade will be associated with the applicant’s record.

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The Background Check Grading Matrix can be viewed here:  Background Check Grading Matrix.



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