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INEOS Aromatics TCC Failure Policy

Testing Protocol For INEOS Aromatics TCC Site Specific Course (07INATCC)

The minimum passing score for a student taking 07INATCC is 80%.

If the student's first attempt results in a failing score, then the student must take and pass the English Language Comprehension Exam (07SFE). The minimum passing score for 07SFE is 70%.

If the student fails 07SFE, then they will be suspended from taking 07INATCC for a period of 90 days.

If the student passes 07SFE, then they will be allowed to retake 07INATCC. The student must make the minimum score or above in order to pass 07INATCC. If the student fails on their second attempt, then they will be suspended from taking 07INATCC for a period of 90 days.


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