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Safety Council Texas City
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Global Health

  New Fitness for Duty Exams available in Pasadena and Texas City


Occupational Health Services inside Safety Council of Texas City

Providing pre-employment testing and physical exams, emergency injury care and on-site medical services. In a partnership with the Health & Safety Council (HASC), SCTC provides Occupational Health Services (OHS) through Global Health to ensure quality and consistent occupational testing to the global workforce and its employers. Over the years, the scope of our occupational health solutions has evolved to meet the demands of the workforce:


Respirator Fit Testing

Following specifications and requirements to offer OSHA respirator fit testing.

OSHA Standard 1910.134 provides guidelines for respiratory protection that must be followed. It is important to verify if your current provider understands and adheres to the mandated regulations for respirator testing.

As part of a best practice standard, if our providers are clearing an individual for respirator use, we require a pulmonary function test to better understand the lung function of the individual.

Audiometric Testing

All of our technicians have been certified by the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC). Our medical providers are also certified and trained to provide standard threshold shift interpretations. Additionally, we offer hearing protection validation. This testing method is a quick test to ensure the proper hearing protection is being used by the wearer.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Collections

Providing comprehensive drug and alcohol test collections for employment purposes.

Our testing facility is a collection site for all major drug consortiums and third-party administrators (TPAs) including NASAP, DISA, PIPELINE, LACC and the VECTOR hair testing program.

Other features and available services at Global Health's Occupational Health Center include:

  • Urine collection rooms minimizing substituted samples
  • Private breath alcohol collection rooms
  • Separate and contained area for shy bladder donors
  • In-house medical review officer
  • Random pool services

For more information please contact:
(281) 476-9900, ext. 338



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